Greenline Coffee

Greenline Coffee sits in the midst of a neighborhood that had seen better days, but is now coming back to life. Our once empty building has become a cultural crossroads for Woodlawn full of music, laughter and movements.

Thanks to our amazing staff, led by Ashley James, our manager, what was once a food desert now stands a vibrant atmosphere of skillfully prepared menu items and hand-crafted coffee drinks. On a daily basis patrons gather around our tables to study, work, or just to laugh a little. Our meeting room accommodates the planning and brainstorming of numerous local groups and businesses. From our thoughtfully designed dining room to our smiling staff, Greenline has become an affirming inspiration to the future of Woodlawn. It has also served as a mechanism for employment of local residents and a career-building springboard.

Greenline Coffee

We believe that hospitality is transformative, and from the day we opened, that belief has proven to be true. Greenline Coffee allows all of us to witness the beauty of the Southside and the remarkable talent of its people. We warmly invite you to witness it for yourself.